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TECNISCO Advanced Materials (TAM)

Metal diamond composites
(Silver diamond)

This material features an excellent thermal conductivity and a relatively low thermal expansion that no past materials were capable of. Combining our conventional ingenious technology and experience, we have succeeded in creating a long-lasting, reliable material beneficial for high power applications.

Tecnisco Advanced Materials (TAM)


Metal diamond composites (Silver diamond) make a significant contribution to improving product performance and reliability as well as extending the lifetime by offering:

Excellent thermal conductivity

CTE well adapted to packaging materials

Easy integration of components into existing packages

Standard dimensions

Thickness 1.0-5.0mm
Length Up to 200mm
Width Up to 200mm

Surface Finish Process

Surface Roughness Ra<0.01μm *
Flatness <1μm *
Metallization Cu, Ag
Coating Ni, Ni/Au, Ag, Cu, AuSn

*After coating + diamond milling

Standard dimensions


Standard dimensions
Standard dimensions

End user market / Applications

Micro Electronics

  • Server CPU
  • Premium Coolers

Power Electronics

  • Battery Cooling System
  • Electric Vehicle

HF Electronics

  • Wireless Communication
  • Data Broadcast


  • X-ray
  • Medical RF imaging

Other service

Vacuum hot press service

Sputtering Targets

Laminated materials

Customized to customers' request

  • Shape
  • Thickness
  • Various materials
Tecnisco Advanced Materials (TAM)

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