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TECNISCO Advanced Materials (TAM)

Metal diamond composites
(Silver diamond)

This material features an excellent thermal conductivity and a relatively low thermal expansion that no past materials were capable of. Combining our conventional ingenious technology and experience, we have succeeded in creating a long-lasting, reliable material beneficial for high power applications.

Tecnisco Advanced Materials (TAM)


Metal diamond composites (Silver diamond) make a significant contribution to improving product performance and reliability as well as extending the lifetime by offering:

Excellent thermal conductivity

CTE well adapted to packaging materials

Easy integration of components into existing packages

Standard dimensions

Thickness 1.0-5.0mm
Length Up to 200mm
Width Up to 200mm

Surface Finish Process

Surface Roughness Ra<0.01μm *
Flatness <1μm *
Metallization Cu, Ag
Coating Ni, Ni/Au, Ag, Cu, AuSn

*After coating + diamond milling

Standard dimensions


Standard dimensions
Standard dimensions

End user market / Applications

Micro Electronics

  • Server CPU
  • Premium Coolers

Power Electronics

  • Battery Cooling System
  • Electric Vehicle

HF Electronics

  • Wireless Communication
  • Data Broadcast


  • X-ray
  • Medical RF imaging

Other service

Vacuum hot press service

Sputtering Targets

Laminated materials

Customized to customers' request

  • Shape
  • Thickness
  • Various materials
Tecnisco Advanced Materials (TAM)

ISO Management System Certificate


Registration Number 01 100 1834602
Registration Date April 19, 2022
Expiry Date April 18, 2025
First Registration Date April 19, 2022
Certification Autority TÜV Rheinland

Singapore factory

TECNISCO Advanced Materials Pte. Ltd.

No.70 Tuas South Street5 Singapore 637806

Phone:+65-6515-9138 / Fax:+65-6515-9183

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