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Diamond Tools


By eliminating the base part, the All-blade core drill composed entirely of whetstone made it possible for longer life of the tool and moreover the extremely thin cutting edge improves processing quality.


All-Blade structure

  • Possible to reduce the blade thickness compared to electrodeposition tools and sintering tools

Significant improvement in longevity of the tool

  • Compared with an electrodeposition tool with a single layer of abrasive grains, the entire blade is composed of grindstone, making it possible for the tool life to be several tens of times longer.(※)
  • Tool life several times longer than sintered tools(※)

※May vary due to processing conditions

Improvement of processing quality

  • Compared with electrodeposition tools and sintering tools, the blade thickness can be made thinner, resulting in high quality processing with less chipping.

Reduction of processing time

  • Double core drill enables simultaneous processing of inner and outer diameters, improving quality and shortening processing time

Customization possible according to processing application

  • Customizable tool size, diamond grain size, etc.

Standard specifications

Single core drill

Shank diameter(mm) φ10 or φ20
Tool diameter(mm) φ4 ~ φ100
Diamond grain size #400
Blade thickness(mm) 0.25
Blade length(mm) 6
Single core drill

Double core drill

Shank diameter(mm) outer blade φ20
inner blade φ10
Tool diameter(mm) outer blade φ16~φ100
inner blade φ4~φ50
Diamond grain size #400
Blade thickness(mm) 0.25
Blade length(mm) 6
Double core drill


Compatible to customized specifications

Please contact our sales department for specific specifications and requests.


  • Glass rotary encoder processing
  • Glass disk processing
  • Coring in various glasses (Round hollow processing)
  • Coring of ceramics, SiC, composite materials, crystal materials, etc. (Round hollow processing)
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Questions and inquiries

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