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History of TECNISCO

Company profile and history.

1970, February Established K.K. Seimitsu Setsudan Kenkyusho(Micro Processing Institute) in Shinagawa, Tokyo
1971, September Opened new factory in Tokyo and started business as TECNISCO, LTD.
1971 Launched dicing and slicing services for magnetic head
1972, Semtember Joined as a member of DISCO Corporation
1985 Developed and started selling silicon boat for semiconductor manufacturing tools
1987, August Opened new factory in Kure, Hiroshima
1989, April Became 100% subsidiary of DISCO Corporation
1990 Developed and launced glass processing services for pressure sensors and acceleration sensors
1993, August Expanded capacity in Hiroshima Factory (Production site integrated to Hirosima Factory)
1995 Developed and started selling heatsink for consumer DVDs and optical communication
1998 Developed and started selling heatsink for optical communication
1999, October Acquired ISO9001
2001 Developed and started selling CuW submount for industrial laser market
2001, December Completion of new headquarters in Shinagawa, Tokyo
2002, July Acquired ISO14001
2005 Developed and started selling of Through Glass Via for RF sensors market
2005, September Opened new factory in Suzhou, China as TECNISCO (SuZhou) CO., LTD.
2005, November Acquired ISO9001 at Suzhou factory
2006 Expanded glass processing services at Suzhou factory for various sensors and MEMS projectors
2007 Developed and started selling microchannel cooler for industrial laser market
2009 Developed and started selling Cu-AlN-Cu submount for fiber laser market
2011 Expanded glass processing services at Suzhou factory for lifescience and smart phone market
2014, October Completed successful management buyout from DISCO Corporation
2015 Developed and started selling glass microfluidic for lifescience market
2015, March Acquired ISO/TS16949 at Suzhou factory
2017, August Established TECNISCO Advanced Materials Pte. Ltd. in Singapore
2019, May Established TECNISCO EUROPE GmbH in Germany
2022, April Acquired ISO9001 at Singapore factory

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