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About Business

Contribute to human happiness through continuous challenges towards advanced "Cross-edge" technology.

Two Core Competences of TECNISCO Business
"Metal Components" and "Glass Components"

Since we launched our small business as processing service company mainly for cutting and grinding in 1970, we have been trying to provide best quality service and solution for our customers with Cutting, Grinding, Polishing, Metalizing and Bonding. At present, we are still developing and evolving uniquely our core capabilities by combination of state-of-the-art leading-edge processing technologies as "Cross-edge" technology resulting in becoming Metal Components and Glass Components two core competences of our business.
We would make a commitment to dedicate ourselves to provide best quality and solution to meet our customer demands with ingenious and state-of-the-art solution ranging from prototype to mass production.

Ongoing Project to launch new "Material Business"

In addition to the existing two core businesses, we had decided to launch a new factory in Singapore in 2017 (TECNISCO Advanced Materials Pte. Ltd.) to accomplish the development and mass production of new material internally. We do believe that this approach would create our new strength as well as add value on "Cross-edge" Technology we have been deeply cultivating.


Contribution for 7 markets and industries

Our products and services are contributing to maintain our life comfortable globally by being adopted in 7 global markets and industries such as "Industrial machinery", "Optical & wireless communication", "Automotive", "Lifescience", "Mobile equipment", "Aerospace", and "Environment & energy". Specifically, our components are used in products such as industrial robots, sensor for automatic driving device, head-up display device, DNA analysis equipment, head mount display, cutting-edge medical equipment, deep ultraviolet LED, vibration sensor device, etc.

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Questions and inquiries

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