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About "Cross-edge" technology

What is "Cross-edge" technology?

Cross-edge technology

"Cross-edge" technology means combined technologies crossing more than two different leading-edge processing technologies to make a product.
The technology is based on the following five processing technologies: Cutting, Grinding, Polishing, Metalizing, and Bonding.

Through the "Cross-edge" technology, we can provide the four advantages below by undertaking several processes as a one-stop solution partner.

  • Maintaining the stability of product quality
  • Shortening the lead time
  • Providing better cost-performance products and services
  • Solving customers’ problems by crossing our technologies 

We provide products which meet our customers’ needs using our “Cross-edge” technology.
Below are some of the examples of our products and technologies.

Processing Technologies

Below is the list of our "Cross-edge" technologies



It is possible to machine cutting-resistant metals such as CuW, Kv, Ag, Mo, or Cu, and brittle materials such as glass. We are very good at technology of products from a square shape of 200 μm on one side to a few millimeters.



Various metallization such as sputtering, vapor deposition, and plating can be processed on an even/uneven surface according to customers’ needs.



We can meet customers’ needs as a one-stop service using our variety of bonding technologies.

Questions and inquiries

Questions and inquiries

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