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About "Cross-edge" technology

What is "Cross-edge" technology?

Cross-edge technology

"Cross-edge" technology means combined technologies crossing more than two different leading-edge processing technologies to make a product.
The technology is based on the following five processing technologies: Cutting, Grinding, Polishing, Metalizing, and Bonding.

Through the "Cross-edge" technology, we can provide the four advantages below by undertaking several processes as a one-stop solution partner.

  • Maintaining the stability of product quality
  • Shortening the lead time
  • Providing better cost-performance products and services
  • Solving customers’ problems by crossing our technologies 

We provide products which meet our customers’ needs using our “Cross-edge” technology.
Below are some of the examples of our products and technologies.

Development Products

Below is the list of our development products using "Cross-edge" technologies.


3D Glass Mettalization

Form a wiring on the three-dimensional shape is available for downsizing, weight reducing to achieve high performance of electronics


HY Method

Micro rectangle through holes with Mesh glass


Si+Glass wafer

Glass area has mirror finished surface
Transmittance is same as original Borofloat 33
Possible to use as insulating and/or light sheild material



TGV with filled Cu makes it possible to minimize device
Glass surface has mirror finished quality and transmittance is same as original Borofloat 33

Questions and inquiries

Questions and inquiries

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