Supports design and manufacturing with our "Cross-edge" technology

  • "Cross-edge" technology
    for your solutions


Metal products

Metal Products

Heatsinks for optical communication, industrial laser, power semiconductor devices, MPU, etc.

Glass products

Glass Products

Glass products for display devices for projectors, sensors, mobile devices, semiconductors, biotechnology/medical equipment, etc.

Drilling tool Products

Drilling tool Products

Significant improvement in longevity of processing quality made possible by all-blade core drill



Metal and ceramic products such as Si, Al2O3, Al, Sapphire, etc.

"Cross-edge" Technology

We provide products which meet our customers’ needs using our “Cross-edge”
technology: Cutting, Grinding, Polishing, Metalizing, and Bonding.


We are cultivating a corporate culture which all the members 
of TECNISCO continue ingenious challenges and make progress.


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