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News Release
Jan 14, 2021

Prevention measures taken for COVID-19 spread in response to the state of emergency (added more covering area on Jan.13)

Please be informed that TECNISCO has immediately taken the following measures for preventing COVID-19 spread and will continue those during the state of emergency.

Tokyo Headquarters
- Continue work from home (in principle)
- Restriction of using public transportation for commuting to the headquarters
- Travel restriction (both domestic and overseas business trip)

Hiroshima Factory
- Keep normal operation with thorough prevention measures for COVID-19 on the full alert mode
- Prohibition of business trip to the object area defined by the state of emergency
  (newly added prefectures as well as Tokyo and three neighboring prefectures <Metropolitan area>)

TECNISCO will thoroughly pay attention to the COVID-19 situation and endeavor to maintain the supply of products requested by our customers.

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Questions and inquiries

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