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Insulation type Cu-AlN-Cu submounts


This is a heat sink for high-power LD (Laser diode) modules. Three-layer composition achieves both high thermal conductivity and insulation quality. Control of Cu plating thickness makes the heat sink match with the LD, resulting in higher power and longer life of the LD module. Because pullback is not required on the critical edge area, it has a high degree of freedom in designing. Moreover, it can be applied to a variety of application by this freedom in design.

Insulation type Cu-AlN-Cu submounts


AlN + Cu composite material to achieve higher thermal conductivity and insulation quality

CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) matching with the LD (Laser diode)

  • Adjusting Cu and AlN thickness makes it possible to control CTE

Ideal for multi-emitting type LD

Pullback is not required on the critical edge area

  • Ideal for P side down type LD

AuSn/AuGe solder vapor deposition

Easy alignment with LD on the sharp edge

  • Edge radius less than 20 μm

Characteristics comparison data<Reference>

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  Unit Cu-AlN-Cu AlN CuW(10/20)
Material features Insulation Insulation Conductive
Thermal conductivity W/m・K 190〜250※ 170 180/200
CTE ppm/℃ 6〜10※ 4.6 6.5/8.3
Electric-resistance Ω・m - - 5.3/4.0 (×10-8)
Work voltage V <200 <200 NA
Relative permittivity (@1 MHz) - 9 9 NA
Dissipation factor (Tan δ ) - 5×10-4 5×10-4 NA

※Controllable by design

End user market / Applications

Industrial laser

  • Laser equipment for welding, cutting, marking,
    surface treatment(e.g. annealing), etc
  • Medical laser equipment for ophthalmology and epilation, and endoscopes,etc


  • Medical laser equipment for ophthalmology and epilation, and endoscopes,etc

Digital equipment

  • Laser printers, Digital multifunction-printers,etc

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Questions and inquiries

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