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Mesh glass


Mesh glass
Mesh glass

Quadrangular hole without rounded corners which was impossible before. Small-hole and narrow-pitch processing are available.


High aspect ratio on the micro through holes

Multiple holes on 6-inch wafer

  • (ex.)e.g. 150,000 of 0.1×0.1 mm holes on a 3-inch wafer

High aspect through holes from 1:8 to 1:10

  • Straight or taper holes are possible

Minimize chipping size

  • Improve anodic bonding performance


Sidewall metallization

  • Protect light interference /absorption between holes

Cavity type is selectable

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Standard specifications
Material Borofloat 33 etc.
Glass size ≦φ150mm
Min. thickness 0.25mm
Thickness tolerance ±0.01mm
Min. hole size □0.07mm
Hole size tolerance ±0.02mm
Max. aspect ratio 1 : 10
Particle control Available
Cross-section shape Straight / Taper

Note: These are standard specifications.
In case you have any request other than these, please feel free to contact us.

Questions and inquiries

Questions and inquiries

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